I'm just Kris. I like what I like, & I love what I love...and I enjoy what things I enjoy, see what I can see...etc. (: that's all their is to it. 20 year old college girl; whose continually lost & sometimes found, and always waundering.♥

Cosmic Tea


Hello! I had a couple of asks about whether I could put the Lost Girl collage onto shirts, so I did (and added a few other cool bits and bobs while I was at it!) 

If you fancy it -or simply feel a bit nosy- I’ve put stuff like bags, phone cases (iPhone and Samsung galaxy), shirts, hoodies and cushions (random i know- but who doesn’t want a Lost girl cushion?!) on redbubble- check it out here! it helps ease the wait for season 5! ;)  Cheers! x

i have absolutely no idea what i am doing hahahaha